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AJG Waters Equipment has announced that it can now supply AR Wilfey and Sons’ range of slurry and chemical pumps with CE marking.

Wilfey pumps feature a seal-less design that is said to eliminate the need for mechanical seals or packing.

No water gland, seal flush, external pump or piping is required, and the pumps can run dry indefinitely because there is no rubbing contact of any internal parts during operation.

There is no product dilution or contamination due to the fact that the pumps require no water gland/seal flush, and there is no leaking while the pumps are running.

A variety of stationary seals allow for a leak-less shutdown.

As standard, the pumps are provided with heavy-duty bearings, allowing for longer L10 life.

Bearing frames are supplied with stainless-steel labyrinth oil seals, also as standard, and a range of patented and standard alloys are available.

AJG Waters Equipment

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