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AKI Medical Moulding, a division of AK Industries (AKI), provides design, development and value-added injection-moulding systems to Europe’s medical device and laboratory equipment manufacturers.

These include cleanroom assembly and insert moulding, gas-assisted moulding and two-shot moulding of different polymers or colours.

Materials choice extends over thousands of engineering and commodity plastics, from ABS, polyesters, polysulphone and polycarbonate blends up to high-temperature, high-performance polymers, such as copolyamides with properties for special applications.

AKI has also been working closely with Pera at Melton Mowbray as a prime partner on a number of European projects.

These include a sharp-safe, one-piece polymer syringe needle and ferrule for insulin delivery, Medi-Voice smart pharmaceutical packaging (medication instructions given in a recorded voice from an electronic wallet of blister-packed pills) for people with vision and reading difficulties; the Rapi-Heal manually controlled vacuum device to assist the treatment of open wounds, burns, bedsores and chronic leg ulcers, and ‘Lasinject’, a project to improve the accuracy of vaccine delivery to dendritic (immune) cells in the fight against AIDS.

In the immediate future, AKI is aiming towards product applications for high-performance materials.

These are likely to include the development with Pera of nano-filled polymers for medical uses, such as single-use, disposable, surgical instruments.

With optimum hygiene and zero cleansing costs, scalpels, scissors, clamps and other equipment made from these polymers will offer more ergonomic handling, with a more even weight distribution, than their reusable steel equivalents.

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