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Products 4 Automation (P4A) has introduced WIN-911 alarm notification software, which enables managers and operators to be aware of problems in their plant.

WIN-911 is real-time software that can be used with pagers, mobile phones, landline phones and most wireless communications.

It works with a company’s existing control software or Scada system to monitor operations and notify personnel of problem conditions – a process that can save time, money and unnecessary anxiety.

WIN-911 offers a range of advanced connectivity options to host software including GE Fanuc’s Proficy Ifix, Rockwell Automation’s RSView32/Factorytalk, and Wonderware’s Intouch, as well as supporting generic OPC (the standard for robust real-time data transfer between different software modules) and DDE.

WIN-911 monitors operations and notifies personnel of problem conditions, including offsite notifications by automated voice telephone call, SMS text message and paging.

This, according to P4A, makes the software ideal for water and wastewater, power plants, oil and gas, automotive, semiconductor, pharmaceutical manufacturing and building management and security.

In order to provide a secure, reliable and timely notification option, WIN-911 offers users SMS 1-Way or SMS 2-Way messaging.

This method does not require an internet or e-mail connection.

Users simply select a standard GSM modem and a text-messaging plan from a local mobile phone provider.

SMS 1-Way is featured with all WIN-911/Basic software installations.

This allows SMS text alarm messaging to be sent to all ‘on duty’ users with a basic mobile phone.

It also gives notification when alarms have been acknowledged.

SMS 2-Way is available with all WIN-911/Pro installations.

This features: text notification on alarms; Individual alarm acknowledgement from the user’s mobile phone; ‘on demand’ list of alarms that have been acknowledged, but are still in the alarm condition; health status and two-way manual text messaging available in the WIN-911 alarm monitor.

Complementing SMS text messaging is WIN-911’s telephony functions.

Here, integrated text-to-speech and voice synthesis functions create all users required voice sound files in minutes.

OPC and Direct Connects will use the tag descriptions from the Scada database as the default text for the tag sound.

In addition, P4A said WIN 911 offers the opportunity to select dynamic text-to-speech runtime voice synthesis; the ability to verbalise text from the tag values and descriptions to the local audio and telephone notification types; and it eliminates the requirement for pre-recorded .wav files.

WIN-911 also supports a third level, where wireless or e-mail notifications are required.

To cater for these requirements, WIN-911 offers support, using SMTP service for e-mails and TAP protocol for alphanumeric pagers.


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