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Alcoa is now supplying lightweight forgings for Solomon Alsberg’s range of alloy wheels.

Specialising in the niche vehicle tuning and customisation markets, Russia-based Solomon Alsberg demanded high quality metallurgy, strength, style and lightness for its expanding customer base.

‘Solomon Alsberg discovered that Alcoa offers the ideal mix of lightweight product with pricing, quality and flexibility,’ said Razinkin Alexander, marketing director of Solomon Alsberg.

‘Alcoa offers forged blanks up to a size of 19in.

‘When machined to final style, the lightweight wheels weigh just 8.2kg.’ The market that Solomon Alsberg serves prefers forged alloy wheels as they reduce unsprung weight on a car, providing more responsive steering and suspension input.

‘Solomon Alsberg requires large size, high-quality forged blanks from which they can style a range of wheels offering manufacturing flexibility to respond quickly to a competitive market,’ said David Yates, marketing manager for Alcoa Auto Wheels Europe.

‘Our blanks allow them to create many designs from a single pattern forging.’ ‘Our technologists are highly experienced in the aerospace and automotive industries and their demanding requests for a superior level of metallurgical and mechanical integrity have been met,’ added Alexander.

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