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Alcoa has supplied 20in forged aluminium wheel blanks to Solomon Alsberg for its high-performance alloy wheels.

The aerospace-derived metallurgy of the Alcoa blanks allows Solomon Alsberg to create a range of wheels that improve vehicle performance and dynamics and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The 20in blanks supplied within this programme are produced from billets of 6061-T6 aluminium, using the same technology as the wheels it produces for the Boeing 747.

The superior strength of this alloy in one-piece wheels allows a significant weight saving over cast or multi-piece wheels.

The forging process aligns the metal grains uniformly along the contours of the wheel, allowing less material to be used, reducing weight.

Alcoa’s weight-optimised 20in forged wheel can weigh as little as 7.5kg – up to 7kg less than a typical cast alloy wheel of the same diameter.

Forged wheels provide a fast-to-market, low cost light-weighting solution for car makers that want to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Alcoa’s forged wheels also reduce the rotational inertia of the wheel, which improves the fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions.

Less mass also improves vehicle dynamics.

With lower unsprung mass there is less work for the suspension: tyres remain in better contact with the road surface as the lighter assembly is easier to control when hitting bumps, which is particularly important when cornering.

This translates into improved grip, traction and braking, better vehicle control and a smoother ride.

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