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Alert Analysers from Applikon Analytical use differential absorbance colorimetry in a stirred cuvette colorimeter to continuously monitor ion concentrations

They come preconfigured and programmed for their specific applications.

For connection they simply require power, sample and reagent lines.

They can be up and running in less than two hours.

The alerts are also easy to maintain because of the applied measuring techniques and materials.

Reagent usage is low, with typically less than 2.5 litres per month at 100 analyses per day.

Powerful conditional actions can be performed in the case of unusual analysis results: no value, out of limit or range or unstable values can be used to prompt diagnosis, cleaning, calibration or change of analysis frequency.

Optional reagent level, sample present or leak detectors and other I/O signals for sample preconditioning are available for further automation of the system.

The analysis is made by differential absorbance colorimetry in the Applikon stirred cuvette colorimeter.

This colorimeter uses long lifetime LEDs and colour filters and has a high sensitivity because of its long light path and LED intensity control.

The Alert Colorimeter takes two measurements during an analysis cycle, the first measurement is of the initial colour of the sample and the second of the developed colour after reagents have been added and the reaction has reached equilibrium.

The concentration is calculated from this differential measurement and from previously stored calibration data.

This differential technique compensates for fouling of the cell and sample colour.

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