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Alexander Dennis’s chassis manufacturing facility in Guildford has taken delivery of a Breeze all-electric tube bending machine from Unison.

The machine will be used for in-house production of many of the custom tubular components – including hydraulic brake pipes, air conditioning ducts and exhaust pipes – that are hidden inside the chassis of vehicles once they have been built.

‘The fast, software-controlled set-up of an all-electric tube bender is very well suited to the bus and coach manufacturing process, as the production batch sizes tend to be small,’ says Jim Saynor of Unison.

‘In this environment, continual reconfiguration of the machine could otherwise eat up a lot of time.

‘The all-electric Breeze machine gives Alexander Dennis the responsiveness to react rapidly to changing production requirements, producing parts as and when they are needed.’ The Unison tube bending machine being supplied under the terms of this order is a three-axis, single-stack Breeze 130, capable of handling tubes and pipes up to 130mm in diameter.

In place of hydraulic force, the Breeze 130 employs servo motors to control the bend process, including clamp, pressure die, mandrel and follower.

This all-electric actuation provides significant benefits in energy consumption, repeatability and noise reduction.

As the actuation elements of the machine only draw significant current when a bend is being made, energy usage is greatly reduced.

Each of the tools employed during bending is under software control, providing almost instant changeover of tools and allowing users to create smooth and accurate bends.

Once the machine is set up, operating parameters can be stored, allowing machines to be reconfigured for another part or batch in a few minutes, without creating any scrap.

Among Unison’s latest technology advances is a laser measurement system that dynamically measures the accuracy of bend angles and automatically compensates for any errors.

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