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Alfa Laval has introduced Unique Control, an integrated automation unit and actuator designed for controlling and operating LKB butterfly valves.

Thanks to its one-button push-and-play configuration, Unique Control is claimed to be up and running in a fifth of the time it normally takes to configure a control unit.

The system incorporates an air spring instead of the more conventional mechanical actuator spring; this is claimed to ensure durability.

Unique Control LKB — which works with a conventional digital line or an AS-interface — detects the valve type and monitors air supply pressure in the system. It will sense any gradual drop in air pressure and send a warning signal.

Key benefits

  • Unique Control is said to be quick and easy to install and eliminates the need for separate automation units.
  • It offers excellent control and durability and ensures hygiene requirements are met.
  • The composite casing withstands harsh environments without weakening, corroding or discolouring.
  • Unique Control LKB is not sensitive to pressure shocks or temperature variations, eliminating false alarms that can shut down the process.
  • The control unit’s precise surveillance capabilities ensure a smooth operation with good process economy, eliminating costly process interruptions due to unreliable alarms.

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