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Alibre has released the latest version of its 3D CAD design software, Alibre Design 2011.

Alibre Design 2011 includes a complete top-to-bottom code re-write, native 64-bit version, powerful sheet metal conversion tools and other time-saving tools and customisation features.

Alibre Design 2011’s improvements and features include: a full port of the code to C, making it the first native 64-bit version – important for users that want to create designs of enormous size and complexity; solid part into sheet metal; 2D Detailing Framework without toolbars and dialogues; virtual intersection dimensioning; automatic part re-orientation; new hole presets; multi-plane creation; keyboard shortcuts and more – all designed to make Alibre Design 2011 both easier for less technical users and more powerful and robust for high-end users.

Alibre Design 2011 includes new sheet metal conversion tools with automatic conversion.

Imported or natively designed solids are now able to be automatically converted into unfoldable sheet metal parts, so users can take libraries of dumb solids generated from other applications and convert them into fully native, editable sheet metal parts.

Sheet metal parts can also be designed in a normal part workspace and then converted to sheet metal later, fast tracking many common design requirements.

Alibre Design 2011 has been completely rewritten in the C programming language, in addition to being re-architected to support a native 64-bit version of the software.

This enables Alibre power users to make models of huge complexity and size, while providing performance benefits.

The software offers 2D detailing that is very fast using the new in-place editing framework.

This set of tools is hyper-context sensitive, allowing users to avoid toolbars and dialogues almost altogether.

By clicking on items, available options are shown directly at the mouse and users can make edits to almost anything in real time, without dialogues.

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