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PVL has launched corrosion-resistant, all-plastic level and flow switches designed for controlling corrosive acids, alkaline fluids, sea water, or wherever a chemically inert switch is essential.

Manufactured in PVC or ABS plastic, the Kelco range includes in-line flow switches, paddle-flow switches and level switches suitable for various pipe sizes and flow rates.

The range includes a compact in-line flow switch, designed to detect extremely low flows for chemical metering or dosing applications; a specialised pump-flow switch that has an integral time delay to allow the pump to start in spite of an initial lack of flow; a run-on timer that allows the pump to ignore minor flow interruptions yet still protect the pump from running dry; two side entry-level switches and an external modular switch system.

Most models also have an external override toggle to test the switch operation before commissioning.

As well as applications in the chemical and water treatment industries, Kelco’s all-plastic level and flow switches have potential in many other sectors, for which additional specialised switches are available from PVL.

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