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All Seasons Hire has revealed how it provided a chiller hire solution to a leading European pharmaceutical research and development laboratory after it experienced a process cooling problem.

Housed in a three-storey laboratory, more than 50 bench-mounted test reactors, together with larger fermenting and mixing vessels, needed a supply of cooling water.

The chilled water loop had to be kept at 5C and would also be used for flushing cooling loops to drain after each mix.

In addition, the vessels were all fitted with solenoid valves, which meant that the required flow was constantly altering.

The temporary cooling system had to be designed to run at less than half a bar on all three floors so All Seasons Hire’s projects team decided that each floor needed a separate cooling loop with an open tank return to minimise system pressure.

Bespoke cooling skids, consisting of a stainless steel heat exchanger, an inverter-driven process pump and an insulated tank with a mains water make-up line, were manufactured at All Seasons Hire’s Basingstoke workshop.

The skids were installed on each floor and fully insulated flexible pipe fed around the laboratories.

A process water chiller was positioned in the car park and filled with glycol.

The glycol lines ran into the building and then up a riser onto each floor where they were connected to the cooling skids.

In total, nearly half a mile of flexible hose was used in the project, and because of the water temperatures required, it was all insulated to stop condensation forming.

The glycol chiller was set to run at OC, which cooled the laboratory loops to between 3.5C and 5.5C.

The pressure at the reactors was 0.3 of a bar and all required flow rates were achieved.

The temporary chiller installation was up and running within two weeks of the initial site meeting.

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