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Allison Engineering is offering a range of FCI thermal dispersion flow and level instruments with Nuclear IEEE Cat.1E accreditation and SIL2 compliance.

In the UK, the company has supplied FCI level solutions for both Radwaste interface (radioactive waste slurry interface) and sump-level applications.

Worldwide, FCI level and flow instruments are installed in more than 115 nuclear powerplants and these are operating in applications such as analyser sampling systems and flood alarm, turbine water level, chemical injection, pump protection, condenser off gas flow and reactor core coolant.

Allison Engineering offers flow and level solutions for a variety of new-build and decommissioning applications.

According to the company, fundamental to FCI’s thermal dispersion technology is a probe that has two thermowell-protected platinum RTD temperature sensors in the process stream.

One RTD is heated while the other senses the actual process temperature.

The temperature difference between these sensors is measured, which is directly proportional to mass flow.

From this reading, a variety of outputs can be provided, including simple level/flow switching, multi-point level and gas mass flow.

The FCI thermal dispersion design is claimed to offer fast response, high accuracy and repeatability.

With no moving parts, it is virtually maintenance free, saving time and money, and is inherently multivariable, measuring both flow/level and temperature.

Allison Engineering

Allison Engineering Ltd has been established for 30 years and specializes in the supply of high quality process instrumentation and safety related equipment. Markets served include Oil, Gas and Petrochem, Water & Waste, Environmental, Power, Pharmaceutical and Automotive.

We supply an extensive range of flow and level products, such as Thermal Gas Mass Flow Transmitters, Thermal Flow & Level Switches, Flow conditioners, Magnetostrictive Level, Guided Wave Radar, Laser level transmitters and Magnetic Level Gauges.

More recently our range has extended with the addition of specialised safety products, such as safety shields that prevent pipeline spray-outs, acid detection paint and Tuneable Laser Gas Detection products. We are proud of our reputation of being able to solve ‘difficult’ process problems by offering non-competing, alternative, state-of-the-art technologies. This means we can guarantee product knowledge, application knowledge as well as competition knowledge.

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