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Alpao, a producer of magnetic deformable mirrors, has expanded its Hi-Speed DM Series with the entry-level DM37.

It is 7.5mm, has a low-surface error, large stroke (more than 35um for astigmatism and focus wavefront correction), low non-linearity errors (less than three per cent), fast settling time (1ms at +/- five per cent) and an optical silver-protected coating.

This cost-effective deformable mirror has been designed for applications requiring correction of large aberration with a small size.

Beam-shaping and vision sciences are among the applications to benefit from the product.

The Alpao Hi-Speed DM37 is delivered with certified and compact drive electronics for precise control.

Drivers for Matlab, Labview and C/C++ are delivered with the deformable mirror to warrant a quick and reliable installation by the customer.

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