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Fuelmaster has selected Alpha 3 Manufacturing to make its Fuelmaster unit – a microchip electronic brain that manages the firing process of a boiler to minimise the amount of fuel being burned.

Fuelmaster selected Alpha 3 Manufacturing to make the units – which are the size of a small camera – because all stages of the build are available within the Alpha 3 group.

The unit is assembled in an ABS enclosure that is moulded and then machined at the Alpha 3 primary process facility.

Each unit contains a printed circuit board, which is assembled and fitted into the ABS enclosure.

The units are then tested for safety and functionality.

This part of the process is performed by the Alpha 3 assembly facility.

All aspects of procurement and build are controlled by Alpha 3 Manufacturing.

This ensures a cost-effective and efficient process from initial order to final shipment, according to the manufacturer.

Alpha 3 Manufacturing consolidates three manufacturing businesses under one organisation: CCS Electronics, CTL Manufacturing and DEM Manufacturing (previously Deltron Emcon).

CCS Electronics is a contract electronics manufacturer specialising in the manufacture of cable harnesses, box build, cable overmoulding and electromechanical assembly.

CCS Electronics provide a wide range of cable preparation and electromechanical sub-assembly services from simple cable terminations to complex cable harness designs, box and panel build and electromechanical assemblies.

CCS engineers are able to support you right from the very early stages of your product development.  CCS manufacture cable assemblies and box products from existing CAD specification drawings and can suggest suitable alternatives to improve quality or cost of your cable.  CCS are also able to develop new and prototype designs on your behalf and are able to reverse engineer a cable and manufacture if a sample cable can be provided.

Formed in 1982 and now a division of Alpha 3 Manufacturing Limited, the company operates from a 10,000 sq ft facility in Cheshire, UK.  CCS Electronics offers clients experience and expertise drawn from a wide range of industries including industrial, medical, military, security and, test and measurement.

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