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Alpha Electronics offers thermal imagers from major manufacturers for everyday troubleshooting and predictive maintenance of electrical systems, process plant and mechanical equipment.

Alpha’s personnel are technically qualified to provide advice to customers on the best product for their needs, and the company can demonstrate products and provide a full technical back-up and after-sales service.

The latest handheld thermal imagers available from Alpha include the Fluke Ti10, Ti25 and TiR, which incorporate IR Fusion technology that integrates infrared and visual (visible light) images in full-screen or picture-in-picture views for enhanced problem detection and analysis.

The Irisys IRI2010, which provides a blend of visual and thermal images for rapid fault identification, is also available, as are thermal imagers from Chauvin Arnoux.

The thermal imagers store data that can be downloaded to a PC to create reports with the software provided.

Alpha Electronics also runs a hire service for many of its products, a ‘collect-and-return’ calibration and repair service, and training services.

Alpha Electronics

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