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Alpha Wire Company has announced the launch of its Industrial Automation range of high-performance cables.

The range is designed to meet complexity challenges by delivering quality and reliability, with the performance to meet the rigorous requirements of the major automation communication architectures.

Whether the application is designing a device for error proofing to increase quality or motion sensing to improve safety, the Industrial Automation cable range offers a number of advantages, such as small put-ups to support large and small projects, quick delivery, and good quality to improve system reliability.

The range consists of five product families.

ControlNet is a low-loss RG-6/U type coax cable designed to meet the high-speed, time-critical requirements necessary for the operation of modern ControlNet factory-floor automation systems.

Its key features include: foil/braid shielding for maximum signal integrity and run length; fully tested to ensure that return loss, and other critical performance features meet the requirements of the ControlNet physical layer specification; and full compliance with Allen-Bradley P/N 1786 Alpha Wire RS-485 cables reduce electrical noise sensitivity.

They also include features such as UL-type PLTC and CM listed, sunlight-resistant and suitable for use in Class 1 Division 2 locations per NEC Article 501.

DeviceNet integrates power and data functionality in a single rugged cable.

It meets ODVA thick and thin specifications as well as allowing device level diagnostics.

It offers high data rates, and supports 500kbps at 100m and 125kbps at 500m and reduced installation costs and it is compliant with Allen-Bradley part numbers 1485 CPI-A and 1485 CPI-C.

Offering a complete family of Fieldbus and Profibus cables, Alpha Wire is able to meet ruggedness, performance, and quality requirements of almost any Fieldbus and Profibus application environments.

The cable features matched impedance to factory automation system, enabling maximum signal transmission and large stock holding of Fieldbus Type A, Fieldbus Type B, Fieldbus High Speed, and Profibus DP means products are always available at short notice.

Suitable for use in Class 1 Division 2 locations per NEC Article 502 the cable also complies with IEC 61158 standard.

Alpha Wire Industrial Twinax cables provide a robust physical media for the transmission of PLC/DCS signals designed to meet the needs of real-time, high-throughput industrial applications.

The cable’s foil and braiding shielding ensures maximum signal integrity and run length and can be installed in the same tray or conduit as 600V power cables.

Suitable for use with Allen-Bradley Data Highway Networks, the cable also offers excellent electrical characteristics.

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