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Alps Electric has launched the SPVQ9 series sliding-contact micro switch designed for emergency devices or for detecting mechanism movement in automotive and consumer electronic devices.

The switch is said to offer high reliability using a two-circuit sliding-contact structure.

Micro switches are switches that turn on/off instantly by means of an internal contact snap action.

They are used widely used within operating switch units for operation detection, such as in automobile electrical parking brakes (EPB).

Redundancy is commonly achieved in these mechanisms using such methods as a duplex circuit fail-safe to ensure safety.

Conventionally, two micro switches were used in EPBs to provide redundancy.

However, there were defects with this type of structure, such as when the timing of the on/off synchronisation in each switch would not match during low-speed operation.

This resulted in demand for micro switches with a reliable circuit, secure synchronisation and stable contact in various operation speeds.

Alps developed the two-circuit sliding-contact micro switch as a ‘clip-type’ product, adopting a two-sided sliding contact structure, which clips the fixed contacts from both sides.

The structure is resistant to particles, dust, vibration and impact, ensuring reliable contact.

The variable contact points in the sliding-contact structure clip the fixed contact points.

Therefore, pressure at the contact points is constantly maintained in any range of operation, including where the switch is pressed, on/off switching and the switch’s fully depressed point.

Combined with the snap-action structure, stable contact is constantly maintained regardless of the operating position and speed, making the SPVQ9 series highly reliable as an operation switch, according to Alps.

The switching timing between the two circuits is below 15ms at any operation speed.

This enables design of a fail-safe system with only one switch, which contributes to cost reduction and saves design space.

The micro switch is waterproof, and dust and water resistance is compliant with IP67.

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