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Alps Electric Europe has launched its SKSG Series Tact Switch for automobiles.

The compact switch’s high operation force protects against accidental operation, making it suitable for car AV equipment as well as keyless entry or car navigation systems.

Sample shipments will commence from April 2010.

Switches that function as operation buttons may only require a light operating force.

However, there are instances where a high operation force is required, such as in remote control units for vehicle keyless entry systems.

This prevents accidental operation when these devices are carried around inside pockets or bags.

In addition, controls found on car navigation systems and in car audio equipment, as well as other digital devices, make the user more aware of a button’s operation when there is a distinct operation feel, according to the company.

This new Tact Switch combines a high operation force of 4N with an operating life of 200,000 cycles.

A new metal contact (metallic board spring) has been developed for the switch.

Reducing the load against the metal contact when pressed achieves a high operation force and increases lifespan, creating a definite clicking sensation that helps prevent unintentional operation, reducing the risk of failure over the life of the product.

The switch measures 2.7 x 3.0 x 1.4mm and is equipped with a stem; as a result, dimensional precision is not required when designing the set product.

According to Alps, this makes product design easier while ensuring the switch’s stable operation.

The switch is also equipped with a ground function, which prevents static electricity from flowing into the set device, potentially causing operation failure and IC destruction.

A lighter operation force of 1.6N is also available in the series for use in general digital devices.

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