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ALR said that its panel sharing prototype (PSP) service delivers production-quality prototype PCBs at prices comparable to the low-budget services available elsewhere.

The Oxfordshire-based company will employ the same standards it applies to its normal production services, including carrying out basic design rule checks to help avoid expensive pre-production errors.

All PCBs are produced in the UK on top-quality, high Tg FR4 laminate, overlaid with solder resist and screened with component identity markings.

Finally, the boards are bare-board tested prior to delivery.

ALR is offering the service on double-sided and four layer boards, with a five-day turnaround and no tooling charge.

The shared panel boards from ALR Services are produced on 1.6mm high Tg FR4 (Ventec 150) with 1oz finished copper.

Green solder resist and white silk screen component identity markings are available on one or both sides if required.

PCBs can be routed and/or scored and employ lead-free HASL or nickel gold with a minimum hole size of 0.3mm.

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