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Weiss Gallenkamp altitude-simulation chambers are used to test for exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and engine performance at different altitudes.

The precise control of simulated environmental conditions contributes to accurate test results – vital in the testing of emissions to ensure they comply with the Euro 6 regulation.

One such example of an installation carried out is at Volkswagen in Germany.

A number of testing facilities were installed at Volkswagon’s test centre in Wolfsburg, built during 2004 and 2006, in the form of a test plant named Hall 68, where nearly all climatic and environmental conditions occurring in different parts of the world can be simulated.

In addition to six temperature or climatic-test chambers for complete vehicles, it also includes a test chamber for engines.

Part of the vehicle-test chambers is equipped with dynamometers and can simulate altitude conditions.

Technical specifications: volume 570m3; working temperature range -40 to 60C; air-conditioning range 5 to 60C; range of relative humidity 10 to 80 per cent with thermal load and 10 to 95 per cent without thermal load; working pressure range 700mbar to atmospheric, 10mbar up to approximately 600kW at 40C/80 per cent.

Weiss Gallenkamp

Weiss Gallenkamp are a leading supplier in the design and manufacture of environmental test chambers, environmental test rooms, stability test cabinets, laboratory ovens and “one off custom made” environmental chambers and rooms. We provide an extensive product range from the smallest bench top environmental chamber to the largest bespoke multi-room “controlled environment” facility.

Under the globally trusted brands of Weiss Technik, Votsch and Gallenkamp, we have developed products including the Pharma-Safe range of pharmaceutical stability test cabinets & rooms, and the Fitotron range of plant growth chambers & rooms.

The Weiss Gallenkamp research and innovation team designs and manufactures new and bespoke environmental test chambers & rooms tailored to your specific needs.

Our products are used for a variety of applications including component and final product testing, plant growth research, finger print development and pharmaceutical stability testing. In addition, we provide products for temperature & humidity testing, automotive emission testing, electronics stress screening, plus vibration, solar and altitude simulation.

Weiss Gallenkamp operates in a number of key sectors including plant growth research, pharmaceutical stability testing, automotive environmental testing and aerospace environmental testing.

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