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Altium is introducing an alternative for front-end electronics designers that lets them reach into new areas of design.

In particular, Altium Designer’s custom board front-end design option means that Orcad Capture users and those using antiquated point-tool solutions no longer have to feel trapped in the old design paradigm or be limited by a tool’s scope.

‘To create next-generation products, designers need a solution that allows them to focus on the whole of the design task, not just fragmented bits of it, as traditional point tools do,’ said Emma Lo Russo, president of Altium.

‘Altium’s solution elevates product development beyond the confines of the device itself.

‘It lets designers deliver functionality in both the soft and hard features of a product, and can link devices to wider product ecosystems, in a single application.

‘Designers can explore and focus on functionality right from the start of the design process, independent of the ultimate hardware chosen to deploy the product.

‘And because it is so important for the industry that designers have access to the tools and technologies they need, we’ve priced Altium Designer’s custom board front-end design license to eliminate any barrier to deploying the solution throughout organisations, whether big or small,’ added Lo Russo.

Altium Designer’s custom board front-end design solution for both board-level and programmable logic design is available for a subscription price purchased in 12-month blocks.

As with the full implementation option announced last week, this subscription model plugs designers into Altium’s twice-yearly release stream, so that they remain up to date with technology and trends.

A perpetual license option is also available.

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