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Ejot has advanced its Altracs fastener for threadforming in light metal with the objective of creating a self-tapping screw with properties very similar to a conventional 10.9 machine screw.

The new generation has been named Altracs Plus and its metric compatibility is still guaranteed.

The metric pitch and the specific 33deg thread flank of the Altracs Plus leave a larger thread root in the ‘weaker’ female thread of the light alloy.

This geometry allows a higher loading with every single turn of the thread and the new design reaches the failure criterion screw fracture at clearly shorter insertion depths, according to the company.

Lower installation and higher stripping torques offer a bigger scope for safe assembly using common pneumatic and electric screwdrivers.

The circular cross section combined with various installation depths allows a high amount of flexibility in the choice of fastening system.

The use of other, for example torque/rotation angle controlled fastening, methods is also problem free.

The even load distribution on the circular screw cross section of the Altracs Plus creates a high retention of the clamp load – even under thermal and dynamic stress.

The Altracs Plus screw’s low-damage displacement of the light metal enables a low installation torque, which is realised with an optimised screw point design.

The thread flanks in the screw point are smaller in diameter, like the previous Altracs geometry, but the ‘Plus’ is also tapered to the front, allowing the first threads to enter the female material much more easily.

This produces an improved ‘start’ to thread forming and a centred alignment, even in cast holes with hand-held assembly tools.

The pressure force needed for every screw joint plays an important role, especially for manual work.

The Altracs Plus is also designed for multiple repeat assemblies, which is important in the case of a repair scenario, as a metric screw is completely interchangeable and can be fastened into the tapped hole.

Since 1985, Ejot UK has grown to become the UK's leading designer and manufacturer of precision fasteners, achieving accreditation to DIN ISO 9002 as far back as 1993. Ejot is a solutions-driven business, manufacturing the highest quality fastening products and providing unrivalled technical support. German-owned, the Group operates out of 27 countries worldwide, sharing a genuinely vast knowledge pool relating to countless sectors.

Building and construction division

Working closely with system manufacturers and specifiers, Ejot has both widespread approval and application specific product and has developed a wide and effective portfolio, gaining broad acceptance from specifier, engineer, buyer and installer. Reliable brand names define application extensive fastener products, increasingly creating new solutions and building techniques across the sectors, which include:

•    Roofing and cladding
•    Solar
•    Flat roofing
•    Rainscreen
•    ETICS
•    Offsite construction

Industrial engineering division

Ejot’s product and service capability to industrial engineers is based on cost-reduction through intelligent purchase. The realtime cost of managing a fastener impacts in five critical areas; the fastener itself, assembly, quality of joint, procurement and logistics. Ejot's ability to create either one-sided assembly or part-reduced solutions means products consistently deliver significant 'bottom line' savings. This way, cost reduction does not mean lowering of quality, as Ejot's products mean significantly higher performance.

Ejot's current engineering product portfolio includes high quality fixings for thin sheet through to cast metals, alloys and thermo plastics. By reducing the inspection required and also the number of unnecessary parts needed, procurement and inventory management also becomes much easier. Pre-engineering, or tear-down analysis can be freely undertaken from the initial consultation. Project management is led by experienced application engineers who are supported by the Group's unique and highly sophisticated development arm Applitec, with sister laboratories based in Germany and at the Group's UK base near Leeds.

Applitec research and development centre

Ejot products are high in quality, always corresponding to current technical standards by investigation and development. The competitive market and changing demands require a fast response to maintain this quality and to meet UK and European standards — before they are even issued. It is for this reason that Ejot developed its unique Applitec centre: the most comprehensive fastener testing facility in the UK. It’s here that testing for all aspects of fastener technology, from simple dimensional and three-dimensional analysis to testing the mechanical, structural and material dynamics of both the product and within its application.

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