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Alucast has provided aluminium calipers for the Bugatti Veyron’s ceramic brake discs.

It won the contract from AP Racing of Coventry, which assembles the finished calliper.

The calipers are gravity cast in one piece from high-quality aluminium, meaning the parts can withstand the forces that operate when the brakes are applied at speed.

Once the castings are made, Alucast has its own in-house X-ray department to make sure the Bugatti parts are up to standard.

Alucast will be exhibiting as part of the Midlands Assembly Network at Subcon 2010, which will take place on 8-10 June at the NEC Birmingham.

Operating in the UK and overseas, Alucast is a technically advanced, award-winning aluminium component manufacturer, offering precisely toleranced fully machined and finished castings from the three processes: sand, gravity and high-pressure die-casting. This unique ability offers customers a choice to provide the optimum solution for every component from a single source.

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