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AM Technology has developed a flow reactor that is flexible and capable of handling problem fluids at low throughputs.

The design, referred to as the Coflore Agitated Cell Reactor (ACR), is for throughputs of 5-5,000g/h.

By using dynamic mixing and multiple reaction cells, the ACR can maintain good plug flow and efficient mixing independently of throughput.

The use of cells as opposed to narrow channels also improves the reactor’s tolerance to solids.

The first live chemistry trials on an ACR have recently been completed at Imperial College in London.

For these experiments, the third and fourth Bourne reactions were used.

Being mixing-sensitive reactions, these are good test methods for flow reactors.

The results showed improvements for the ACR in terms of flexibility and reduced pressure drop when compared to a static mixer reactor.

Flow chemistry offers the prospect of safer, faster and more efficient synthesis steps for many chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

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