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Amarinth has attributed revenue growth to the application of Solidworks 3D-modelling technology.

Oliver Brigginshaw, managing director of Amarinth, said: ‘With Solidworks, we are able to create a 3D virtual model of each pump design to ensure everything fits and that everything will work prior to production.

‘In addition to this, the Solidworks tools generate the files, the drawings and reports that we need for both manufacture and safety certification, and have also enabled us to create more complex and more refined parts, enabling us to produce more efficient, more reliable and better performing pumps.’ Innova has provided training, technical support and consultancy, ensuring that Amarinth’s engineers can exploit the software to the full.

It has also supplied related software, Cosmos, which enables engineers to analyse the physical properties of a design, such as weight and strength.

Brigginshaw added: ‘Cosmos enables us to analyse the materials of design and has allowed us to reduce the metal content of some pumps without compromising on the performance or safety.

‘It also helps us to understand how much a pump will weigh prior to production.’ Amarinth now aims to create a link from its web page to the Solidworks database so that customers can view 3D models of pumps and parts.

‘We have now built a database of over 20,000 pump components, reducing our response time for a drawing with a new enquiry on a vertical pump from five days to three hours and with a considerable improvement in design accuracy and consistency,’ said Brigginshaw.

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