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Amarinth has been awarded a grant from the Carbon Trust to develop a process for manufacturing impellers to better match them to the customer’s duty point.

Amarinth aims to develop a cost effective and rapid process for the design and manufacture of bespoke best efficiency point (BEP) optimised impellers for use in industrial pumping applications.

The project aims to reduce impeller-design lead time by 25 per cent and impeller foundry pattern cost to 10 per cent of current production methods with a lead time of less than a week.

The resulting impellers will reduce energy consumption by between 10 and 25 per cent compared to ‘fit-to-curve’ pumps.

It is estimated that this project could reduce annual CO2 emissions in Amarinth’s target market by 17,000 tonnes by 2020 and 110,000 tonnes by 2050.

The project aims to develop a process for manufacturing impellers optimised for BEP at the customer’s duty point.

The work will involve: carrying out industrial research for the design and testing of optimised impellers; developing a rapid and cost-effective impeller design process; developing commercially viable pattern equipment; carrying out the mould making and casting of optimised impellers; and developing an alternative method of fusing the impeller materials base and optimised impeller.

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