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Amarinth has unveiled a document management system for contractors and operators, particularly those subject to penalty payments and retentions related to product documentation.

All contractors and end users require equipment documentation to support a product and, depending on the application, managing this documentation can form a significant part of the overall project, especially for low-volume, high-specification pump orders.

The company claims that, for contractors in particular, it is often the case that at least 10 per cent of the contract value may be withheld pending the supply of suitably completed and approved documentation and so any delay in providing this documentation can lead to a high outstanding debtor book.

This can have a detrimental impact on cash flow and can result in increased bank interest charges; it can also affect any additional liquidated damages that might be applied.

Amarinth commissioned, and has now gone live with, its own bespoke document management system that enables the company to respond more effectively and efficiently from first point of contact at the bid phase to the final delivery of the pumps in supplying, managing and tracking all the documentation required.

Whether standard, tailored or bespoke, the company is able to provide accurate documentation costs quickly, before an order has been placed.

The new document management system ensures that contractors, operators and suppliers are clear from the outset what documents they will be receiving and when they will be receiving them (whether standard or project-specific ones), meaning there will not be any confusion as the project progresses over what each party expects.

The document library enables project-specific documents to be created and brought together with all of the necessary standard documents at the click of a mouse.

A significant proportion of the contract documentation can now be sent for approval within days of the customer placing the order.

The system is configured to cope with customer-specific templates such as ‘front sheets’ and ‘document transmittals’.

These are automatically generated and attached to the source document before being either emailed to the customer or transferred to his or her ftp site – all at the click of a mouse.

All the way through the process, customers can track all of their documents and their relevant statuses at any time of day through a secure project web-enabled interface.

Whether a document is with Amarinth, awaiting submission or with the customer awaiting sign-off, he or she can request real-time overall document status reports or copies of documents already transmitted.

These are emailed to the customer by return.

Document sign-offs can be expedited, concurrently if desired, decreasing document turnaround time.

A full audit trail is available at all times for every document, including details of all the document transmittals throughout the project.

Following the delivery of the final documentation pack, the Amarinth system retains all of the documents indefinitely, allowing the customer to access them at any time in the future through the secure web interface.

Customers can download documents that have been lost or when their own copy is not easily accessible.

An example would be retrieving the original SA and parts list to identify a replacement part number when maintenance is required or retrieving the factory test details if a modification to the pump needed evaluating.

The system is built around Lotus Notes and is fully integrated with all of Amarinth’s corporate back-end systems and front-end customer web interfaces, meaning that new documents and changes to documents or statuses are available to see in real time by all permitted parties in the supply chain – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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