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AMCI has introduced the NR25 series of heavy-duty Ethernet/IP resolvers, which are compatible with all Allen-Bradley PLCs that support Ethernet/IP.

The networked rotary sensors provide an overall measuring range of 16 bits (single-turn resolution) plus 14 bits (number of revolutions), or 30 bits in total.

With both single-turn and multi-turn versions available, AMCI’s Ethernet/IP resolvers are ready for any application, said AMCI.

Designed in accordance with ODVA guidelines, the AMCI Ethernet/IP resolvers have been accepted into the Rockwell Automation Encompass Programme as a referenced product.

Features of the NR25 Ethernet/IP resolvers include: up to 30-bit (65,536 steps x 16,384 revolutions) resolution; absolute single-turn and multi-turn; Power over Ethernet (PoE); IP67 ingress protection rating; solid-shaft and hub-shaft versions; stainless steel units available.

AMCI’s NR25 Ethernet/IP resolver comes standard with PoE, making it possible to install the resolver using a single Ethernet cable that transmits data and power.

The connector and cabling requirements are therefore halved, making installation simpler and less expensive.

In addition, the ability to program with implicit and explicit messaging allows the NR25 series resolvers to easily integrate with Allen-Bradley PLCs and PACs supporting Ethernet/IP.

Position resolution, counting direction, velocity format, and presets are all configured through the Ethernet/IP port using RSLogix programming software.

The ability to configure parameters simultaneously makes the NR25 resolver quick and easy to set up, according to AMCI.

LEDs on the NR25 Ethernet/IP resolvers help technicians troubleshoot from the factory floor by displaying diagnostic information including module status, network status, and link/activity status.

The ODVA-compliant NR25 Ethernet/IP resolvers are offered in a 2.5in diameter package with two M12 connectors on the back, supplying power and Ethernet/IP connectivity.

The NR25 is resolver based, meaning that it was designed to provide absolute position feedback without glass discs or sensitive LED components, enabling it to withstand high levels of shock and vibration.

The IP67-rated package is the solution for single-turn and multi-turn position applications requiring protection from dust and water ingress.

Stainless steel versions are also available for food grade and marine environments.

Founded in 1985, Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) is a leading U.S. based manufacturer with a global presence. Our Industrial Controls improve the performance and profitability of today’s factories and automation systems. AMCI specializes in the design, manufacturing, and sales of eight different product families.

* PLC Modules: complete line of solutions licensed by Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, and Schneider

* Resolver Transducers: operate reliably under severe conditions such as continuous mechanical shock and vibration,    extreme temperature variations, and exposure to solvent and coolant contaminants

* Encoders (DuraCoder): heavy-duty, industrial grade rotary encoders for many different applications

* Stepper Motor Control: stepper motor controllers, stepper motor drives, stepper motors, and integrated stepper motor/drives – years of trouble free operation

* Network Devices: NEXUS family of products – flexibility and high-speed communications

* Stand Alone Solutions: Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) technology. For almost two decades AMCI has been delivering stand alone solutions that offer value and field tested reliability to customers

* Packaging Systems Controls: technology for numerous applications – PLC Modules, Network Controllers, and Stand Alone Controls

* Stamping Press Technologies: die protection, brake monitoring, and top-stop control are what separate our stamping press controls product family from the rest – PLC Modules, Network Controllers, and Stand Alone Controls

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