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Allied Maxcut (Amec) has launched a BT-A deep-hole drilling system, which uses the latest T-A and Gen2 T-A replaceable insert technology for gains in productivity, penetration rates and tool life.

Amec’s T-A replaceable insert technology allows deep holes to be produced using a single indexable insert, rather than the complex array of multiple smaller inserts that are often used in non-Amec systems.

In addition to balancing the cutting forces and allowing higher penetration rates to be achieved, the T-A range enables alternative insert geometries to be used in the same head design, giving greater versatility when deep drilling different materials.

With diameters ranging from 12.95mm to 47.80mm, the flexibility of the BT-A deep-hole drilling system is extended as customers can also use inserts from the extensive and interchangeable Gen2 T-A inserts range.

The BT-A tool design uses two large ports in the sides of the head.

This not only allows rapid and unrestricted evacuation of swarf by the flushing coolant, but also enables a higher mass of metal to support the cutting insert in the nose of the tool, giving greater rigidity and durability.

Also, the head is around three-times longer than most other types of BTA-style deep drilling tools, which, when combined with its extended laser clad bearing areas, delivers improved straightness in holes up to 2.6m deep.

The BT-A system uses standard location threads giving the drills full compatibility and interchangeability with boring tubes used on BTA-STS applications; diameter range is from 794mm to 811mm (11mm to 43mm outside diameters).

European operations manager with Amec, Paul Crawford, said: ‘By using our T-A and Gen2 T-A insert technologies, the cutting forces are balanced across a single insert, rather than multiple smaller inserts, which allows for higher penetration rates to be achieved.

‘Also, our high-performance AM200 coating gives outstanding tool life and productivity improvements across a wide range of deep drilling applications,’ he added.

A range of tubes for single tube system boring applications, incorporating standard BTA threads, is also included within the system and are available in either 1600mm or 2591mm lengths.

Custom diameters and lengths are also available on special order to meet precise needs.

With the launch of the BT-A drilling system, Amec has extended the scope of its deep-hole drilling programme, which also includes the XL and 3XL deep-hole drills, covering a diameter range from 9.5mm to 114.48mm.

To support the extended deep-hole drilling range, Amec has introduced a dedicated T-A deep-hole drilling catalogue.

This provides technical details and information on every product in the deep-hole drilling programme, and includes a guide to selecting the right drill as well as information on selecting the correct grade of insert for each application.

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