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A range of high-performance threaded shank drills specifically for the aerospace and defence industries has been launched by Amec.

The shank drills use replacement insert technology and are fully compatible with both Quackenbush and Lubbering drilling systems.

Designed as direct replacements for existing drill systems used with air-powered drills produced by manufacturers such as Quackenbush and Lubbering, the Gen3sys system uses industry-standard threaded shanks and cover diameters from 9.5mm up to 35mm using Amec’s T-A replacement insert technology.

Amec’s T-A system is claimed to provide tool life improvements over existing solid carbide twist drills and removes the need for drill regrinding.

There is no need to extend the drill fully for removal; only the tip requires changing with the Amec solution.

By changing just the grade of insert, rather than the whole drill body, the Amec T-A drills can be used on a variety of materials, such as titanium, aerospace grade aluminium and alloys, as well as composites and aluminium/composite material stacks, giving increased production flexibility.

The insert technologies are also said to produce holes with tighter tolerances than traditional ground drills and increase productivity.

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