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Ames has introduced Amesshield coatings, a design solution for the protection of aircraft components from the effects of foreign objects damage (FOD).

The formulation contains ice-phobic characteristics to resist forming and facilitates the shedding of ice.

Suitable for applying coatings to metal, elastomers, plastics, and aircraft composite materials, Ames coating capabilities include non-electrostatic and electrostatic-based systems capable of applying uniform thicknesses of coatings ranging from a few microns to 20-30 mils, with typical applications using 20 layers of 0.5 mils each.

Ames has developed a method to measure single or dual layer thicknesses of elastomer coatings at levels in the low micron range.

A wide range of elastomer formulations such as fluoroelastomer, silicones, and fluorosilicones, as well as conventional elastomers for less demanding applications, are offered.

Uniform multilayer film build ensures total coverage and maximum aerodynamic conditions.

The manufacturing environment for the Ames liquid coating capabilities includes an ISO Class 8 100,000 cleanroom, where air quality is maintained at a level that produces a debris-free product.

The Ames process provides controlled adhesion to ensure reliable bonding as well as facilitating removal during scheduled maintenance.

All critical work areas are protected by thermal oxidation equipment to convert volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless materials.

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