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AMETEK Land is pleased to appoint Manfred Hayk as the company’s new Global Infrared (IR) Product Manager.

Mr. Hayk has over 15 years’ experience in infrared temperature measurement and more than 20 years in optical metrologies, including laser technologies and further high-end metrologies. Prior to his new role, he was the company’s Sales Channel Manager for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Mr Hayk will lead AMETEK Land’s Global IR product team, which focuses on developing intelligent infrared technologies for superior application solutions to serve AMETEK Land’s new and existing markets.

He will also develop new ways to help customers control and improve their processes. Additionally, he will develop an outstanding family of new intelligent thermal imaging solutions for different industrial applications.

Mr. Hayk seeks to develop AMETEK Land’s core markets of steel, metals, glass, HPI and power while also exploring opportunities in several new markets, including heat treatment, electro mobility, high strength steel, aluminium, new intelligent materials, semi-conductors, solar, batteries and power transportation.

“We are really pleased to promote Manfred to his new role as Global IR Product Manager,” said Justin Smith, Managing Director at AMETEK Land. “He has a proven track record of developing business opportunities within the infrared temperature measurement sector. This is a very exciting time for our business as we are developing innovative new technologies and instruments that are compatible with Industry 4.0. In doing, we are creating products and solutions that meet customers’ future market demands.”

Before joining AMETEK Land, Mr. Hayk was a Sales Engineer for Land’s sister company, AMETEK Taylor Hobson.   He spent the earlier stages of his career in sales and engineering roles for several German-based infrared temperature measurement and thermal imaging camera companies.  He’s gained expertise in many different industries throughout his time in the industry, including steel, metals, glass, heavy industry and the semi-conductor markets.

“There are many opportunities for developing our existing product range and systems into the digital world in terms of Industry 4.0,” Mr. Hayk said. “I will be focusing on expanding our existing markets and identifying where AMETEK Land’s temperature measurement equipment can improve and control companies’ processes, increasing efficiency, quality and safety.”


AMETEK Land (Land Instruments) is the world’s leading manufacturer of monitors and analysers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions

AMETEK Land (Land Instruments) is the world’s leading manufacturer of monitors and analysers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions.

Through our trusted range of leading-edge technologies, we are chosen the world over to deliver the highly accurate measurement solutions that precisely meet every customer’s process needs.

Our comprehensive product range includes:

– Fixed Spot Non-Contact Thermometers / Pyrometers – Flexible solutions, customisable for diverse processes and specialised applications.

– Portable Non-Contact Thermometers– Trigger-operated for easy use, our handheld thermometers provide spot temperature measurements with precise target viewing and on-board data storage.

– Fixed Thermal Imagers & Line Scanners– Setting the industry standard for performance. Backed by advanced software support, they supply the information you need to keep your process running safely and efficiently.

– Calibration Sources – A comprehensive range of blackbody calibration sources enabling high-precision calibration of radiation thermometers under on-site and laboratory conditions.

– Combustion Efficiency Monitors – We offer precision measurement solutions to measure oxygen, carbon monoxide and sulphuric acid dewpoint, which can help improve combustion efficiency, lower energy use, reduce emissions and prevent plant corrosion.

– Opacity and Dust Monitors– The most advanced range of opacity, dust and particulates monitors available, use patented technology to deliver highly accurate results. With no moving parts, they combine high reliability with low maintenance.

– Portable Gas Analysers – Offering up to nine gas measurements on a single analyser, we have solutions for all combustion monitoring and environmental compliance.

– Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Providing early warning of combustion in process and storage areas, our highly sensitive CO detectors monitor the entire process. This gives the best chance of early detection, allowing rapid action to prevent fire.

– Specific Industry Applications – We design systems specifically to solve critical temperature measurement problems industrial applications. Our specialised solutions provide optimised performance in challenging processes.

With unrivalled applications knowledge, choosing AMETEK Land ensures the highest standards of process safety, process control and product quality are reached.

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