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AMG Production Consultancy and Investment Services is offering a consultancy service, including full technical and production support, to companies with limited budgets.

The unit cost base of production can be reduced by investing in high productivity systems; but often the money to make this investment is not readily available, particularly to smaller and medium-size enterprises.

Companies that typically benefit from AMG’s input tend to need to invest in technology to enhance the performance, quality and profitability of production processes.

For small to medium-sized companies, the traditional investment routes, including venture capital, are no longer readily available.

AMG has access to funds for investment in manufacturing and the knowledge and experience to make systems work.

It provides commercial automation solutions for manufacturing companies, for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, engineering products and electronics.

AMG offers a range of production consultancy and automation financing solutions, including: provision of bespoke production equipment through a range of flexible financing packages; mitigation of the client’s commercial risk; ongoing technical support and equipment optimisation; and full production consultancy service including automation feasibility and justification studies.

AMG can also help develop and exploit ideas or IP.

This often requires production systems to maximise the product’s advantages at a price level the market will accept.

Again, AMG can provide an attractive solution, working with companies to finance and provide precisely the manufacturing systems the new innovation needs.

AMG Production Consultancy and Investment Services

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