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The MPEG4cPCI 3U CompactPCI MPEG-4 video codec board is capable of simultaneously encoding four full-size (NTSC/PAL) D1 resolution, full-frame-rate real-time analogue video/audio inputs.

It can also decode and play back video and audio recordings from storage to display.

A preview feature allows incoming video from each channel to be viewed simultaneously via the host-system graphics controller, while also recording all four channels.

The 32-bit PCI architecture of the MPEG4cPCI can capture live video from cameras or any other source to create high-performance digital video recorders (DVR) and video streamers for remote monitoring/control over an IP network.

The MPEG4cPCI includes front-end multiplexers, enabling up to 10 video inputs to be switched to the four recording channels.

The use of high-performance MPEG-4 compression and reduced bus utilisation enables a single CompactPCI system to host multiple MPEG4cPCI boards to create multi-channel DVR and Streamer solutions.

Another benefit of reduced bus bandwidth, according to the company, is that the system can use a more modest, low-power, fan-less host CPU board – reducing total cost and power dissipation.

In addition to video encoding/decoding, the MPEG4cPCI enables text and simple graphics annotation to be superimposed on channel A using the bit-mapped alpha-blended overlay functions.

Motion detection is also supported on all channels and includes a ‘babysitting’ mode, where captured data is only committed to disk when motion is detected within a region of interest.

The MPEG4cPCI is available as commercial and extended temperature (-40 to 85C) range variants, and may also be supplied with conformal coating for defence and industrial applications.

The hardware is supported by a suite of drivers and software development kits (SDK) for Windows, Linux and QNX, along with example source code for video-recording applications.

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