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Amphenol Industrial presents the Amphe-GTR series of connectors, with the high amperage and low insertion force of Amphenol’s Radsok contact technology.

The Amphe-GTR allows easy field installation without specific tools, to reduce outage time and maintain production.

It incorporates a high-performance moulded composite plug shell, coupling nut, receptacle and hardware, making it ideal for high-power process control and server applications in harsh environments, including wind power generation, mass transportation and other industrial applications.

The connector also features a reverse bayonet coupling that provides quick pairing and unpairing using a quarter-turn coupling device.

Formats include three, four or five-pin variations, a compression (setscrew) wire termination for either 4/6 AWG or 8/10 AWG and silver-plated contacts The connector series is widely adaptable and hassle-free with its easily replaceable pin and socket contacts or complete plug and receptacle assemblies.

Each connector is rated continuously up to 120A by drawing on Radsok technology, which provides up to 150 per cent higher ampacity than standard contacts.

The device allows higher currents at higher temperatures, ranging from -55C to more than 125C.

Additionally, Radsok technology offers a larger conductive surface area by using the hyperbolic, stamped grid configuration of the socket cylinder.

Amphenol’s product also provides high shock and vibration capabilities, is waterproof and uses flame-retardant UL94V-0 composite shell components.

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