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The Powerwise LMH6629 16-bit amplifiers for communications, test and measurement, medical imaging, industrial, and light-detecting and ranging applications has been released by National Semiconductor.

The ultra-high-speed operational amplifier (op amp) delivers 0.69nV/sqrt Hz with -3dB bandwidth of 900MHz at a gain of 10.

The Powerwise LMH6629 provides designers with a mix of wide bandwidth, high gain and precision amplification for systems where minimal noise addition is required.

The LMH6629 also provides low input current noise (2.6pA/sqrt Hz) and second and third harmonic distortion (f = 1MHz) performance of -90 and -94dBc, respectively.

The op amp’s low input noise, low distortion and high speed combined with ultra-low DC errors – 780uV input offset voltage max at 25 C and +/-0.45uV per degree C of TCVos – enable precision operation in AC- and DC-coupled applications.

The LMH6629’s input common-mode range extends below ground and the output swings to within 0.8V of either rail with a linear output current of greater than +/-250mA.

The op amp features a supply voltage range from 2.7 to 5.5V and its user-selectable internal compensation eliminates the external compensation components and additional design time required with other amplifiers.

With the LMH6629, designers can set a minimum gain of four or 10 by pulling the minimum-gain-select pin low or high.

It is manufactured on National’s CBiCMOS8 silicon germanium (SiGe) complementary bipolar-CMOS process technology.

CBiCMOS8 features a monolithic combination of SiGe NPN and PNP transistors, as well as low-power CMOS transistors that enable exceptional speed, linearity, circuit density, low power and low noise for demanding high-speed analogue applications.

The LMH6629 is supplied in an 8-pin LLP package and operates over the extended industrial temperature range of -40 to 125C.

National Semiconductor

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