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American Reliance (Amrel) has introduced the ePower MFP300 military-grade fixed power supply at the IDGA Tactical Power Sources Summit in Washington DC.

Amrel developed the MFP300 to address a ground-based military application requiring an ultra-compact, powerful, clean and MIL-STD rugged 28V DC/300W DC power supply.

Amrel’s military-grade MFP300 effectively powers DC devices in the harshest outdoor conditions.

Amrel has enclosed 300W of power in 320in3 of anodised hardware weighing just over 8lb.

The conformal coated internal DC power engine is enclosed in a rain, dust, sleet and sand resistant package, sealed watertight and then extensively tested under temperature cycles from -40C-70C.

The MFP300 utilises an interleaved PFC design that takes auto-ranging 85-250V AC and 5-440Hz AC input and can also run off 95-250V DC.

The DC-operable input and 440Hz operating frequency are features exclusive to Amrel’s MFP Series.

For applications with a 400Hz AC generator or a DC power source, simply plug in Amrel’s MFP300, and users can power devices on an aerial or ground vehicle with an adjustable DC voltage from 24-28V DC at 300W.

The MFP300 generates a precision-regulated DC output with a ripple of 2mVrms, providing a suitable source for noise-sensitive devices.

It is designed according to MIL-STD 810F shock and vibration standards as well as MIL-STD 461E EMI/RFI standards.

Amrel/American Reliance

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