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Analog Devices has expanded its portfolio of supervisory ICs with microprocessor supervisory circuits for monitoring undervoltage conditions in portable applications.

These include handheld industrial instruments and telecommunications devices.

The ADM6326, ADM6328, ADM6346 and ADM6348 supervisory circuits feature an ultra-low 500nA supply current that can extend the battery life of mobile devices.

The circuits provide a low-power option for the precision monitoring of DSP, ASIC, FPGA and other processor power supplies to detect undervoltage conditions that can lead to system failure.

The supervisory ICs monitor 2.5-V, 3-V, 3.3-V, and 5-V voltage rails.

The ADM6326, ADM6328, ADM6346 and ADM6348 provide a reset output during power-up, power-down and brownout conditions.

On power-up, an internal timer holds reset asserted for at least 100ms, which effectively holds the microprocessor in a reset state until conditions have stabilised.

The ADM6326 and ADM6346 have an active low push-pull reset output.

The ADM6328 and ADM6348 have an active low open-drain output, which requires an external pull-up resistor.

The reset output remains operational with VCC as low as 1V.

The reset comparator features built-in glitch immunity, making it impervious to fast transient on VCC.

Analog Devices said 24 reset threshold voltage options are available, in increments between 2.2V and 4.63V, making these devices suitable for monitoring a variety of supplies.

The ADM6326, ADM6328, ADM6346 and ADM6348 are available in a space-saving three-lead SOT-23 package and operate over the extended temperature range of -40C to +85C.

As part of a complete signal chain, the ADM6326, ADM6328, ADM6346 and ADM6348 supervisory circuits are compatible with Analog Devices’s ADP2503 and ADP2504 DC/DC converters, ADP2121 switching regulator, and the ADP121 LDO.

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