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Analog Devices and Arcturus are introducing the UCBF54x Start Kit and System Module to speed development of embedded media devices that feature multichannel voice, mini PBX, or IP video capabilities.

Targeted commercial and industrial applications that can benefit from using the UCBF54x for SIP-enabled two-way voice and/or video communications include: building and industrial-safety systems, such as access control and public address; passenger-assistance applications in mass transit; healthcare monitoring; and point of service, including central order taking at quick-service restaurants.

Based on ADI’s Blackfin processor with voice, media, and management software and support from Arcturus Networks, the UCBF54x solution is available in two forms: as part of a development kit (Start Kit) complete with implementation examples, or as a system-on-a-module (System Module) suited for dropping directly into end-products.

The UCBF54x Start Kit and System Module, as well as a product training module detailing the Arcturus kit and module, are available from Digi-Key.

The UCBF54x Start Kit and System Module are based on a small, form-factor embedded processor module that uses the 533MHz Blackfin BF548 processor to support up to six channels of audio.

This system-level solution integrates all subsystem components, including memory, codecs (Analog Devices’ SSM2603 low-power audio codec), transceivers, and network controller, to develop most applications with limited external circuitry.

Software includes an open-source Uclinuxu BSP (board-support package) and Arcturus Voice and Management Middleware, including a complete SIP and RTP stack.

A host board is provided as part of the Start Kit and can be used as a reference for hardware and software development.

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