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Analog Devices (ADI) has introduced a compact, 36V precision JFET-input (junction field-effect transistor input) operational amplifier with low noise and distortion over a wide temperature range.

The 19-MHz ADA4627 JFET-input op amp specifies 5pA maximum bias current at 25C and 500pA maximum over the industrial temperature range of -40 to 85C.

The ADA4627 JFET-input op amp also offers DC precision with low offset drift of 2uV//C maximum over the -40 to 125C extended industrial temperature range.

It is designed for applications that require accurate signal acquisition and fast settling times such as optical, broadband and microwave communications systems; high-speed data-acquisition systems; professional audio equipment; medical and electronic instrumentation; and automated test equipment.

It also includes ADI’s dielectrically-isolated Ipolar 36-V precision process technology, which is intended for linear circuits and enables higher performance and extended signal-chain integration in industrial and instrumentation applications.

The ADA4627 JFET-input op amp reduces signal distortion by a factor of two featuring an 82V/uS slew rate, 120dB open-loop gain and high output current capacity.

The combination of high drive, high slew rate and high open-loop gain also allows the ADA4627 to achieve the low-distortion levels required by precision instrumentation and professional audio equipment while driving impedances as low as 600 ohms.

The ADA4627 has 6.1-nV/rt-Hz voltage noise and 120-uV typical offset voltage (200 uV/300uV max for the A/B grades).

The +/-18-V ADA4627 JFET-input op amp operates from standard +/-12-V and +/-15-V industrial power supplies.

It has a +/-5-V to +/-18-V operating-voltage range and is suited to functions that require accurate reproduction over a wide frequency range with minimal loading, including ADC drivers and buffers, DAC output buffers, high-source-impedance sensors and photo diodes.

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