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Elektron is introducing Sifam’s Fast Response Presentor range of analogue panel meters, which offer a lower-cost alternative to full-specification PPM meters currently used in the broadcast market.

The flexible, versatile unit is available in three different sizes (FR19, FR29 and FR39), with each size coming in a choice of four mounting styles: simple back-of-panel mounting (style W); back-of-panel mounting with accompanying bezel (style WF); front-of-panel mounting with lower mask (style M); and front-of-panel mounting with full bezel (style B).

Illumination options include overhead, light box and LED forms.

Overhead is available for all sizes of style W and WF, with the unit containing O6mm 6, 12 or 24V festoon-style lamps.

Light-box illumination is available for all styles of FR29 and FR39.

The unit is available with 6, 12 or 24V festoon-style or T13/4 flanged lamps.

T13/4 flanged LEDs are also available in 12 or 24V.

Internal LED illumination is available for all sizes and types.

Sifam’s Fast Response Presentor meters feature taut band-core magnet movement with a 26mm-diameter barrel.

This rugged movement means that the meters are suited for both portable and fixed applications.

There is also no calibration effect when mounted on a ferrous panel.

Sifam’s Fast Response Presentor meters are constructed of transparent acrylic front and high-impact translucent rear-body moulding.

Masks and bezels are moulded in black ABS.

The meters’ white tube pointer, flattened arc scale and black dial is designed to be easy to read.

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