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YSI (UK) has launched the YSI 2700 biochemistry analyser designed to detect product contamination, such as lactate and ethanol in tomatoes, in the food and beverage industry.

The YSI 2700 is used in research, process development and quality control.

In the tomato processing industry, detecting contamination early by measuring lactate and ethanol at regular intervals protects against spoilage and ensures optimum flavour.

The YSI 2700 has the ability to measure lactate and ethanol in less than one minute, making it a valuable resource in tomato processing plants.

YSI (UK) said the YSI 2700 analyser has a low operating cost with little or no special sample preparation required.

The company added that it is easy to operate with minimal training required.

It is able to measure lactate, ethanol, sucrose, glucose and more.

YSI (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of YSI Incorporated, is a distribution company specialising in the sale and service of sensor technology instruments from the YSI Life Sciences product range, for use in a wide range of clinical and analytical laboratory applications.

It is also a distributor for Mindray Clinical Chemistry Analysers and Reichert Analytical Instruments.

Applications include:

  • Diabetes research, testing for glucose
  • Neo-natal screening, testing for glucose and bilirubin
  • Blood glucose or lactate monitor development
  • Clinical chemistry diagnosis, testing for a range of enzymes, proteins, electrolytes and other substrates
  • Biotech process monitoring, analysis for glucose, sucrose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, potassium and others
  • Pharmaceutical research and manufacture
  • Food and beverage, quality assurance and processing, testing for per cent brix, sugars, lactate, choline
  • Sports science, human performance evaluation, monitoring lactate levels
  • Biofuel research, renewable energy sources, rapid testing for xylose, glucose, methanol and ethanol

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