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Applikon Analytical has introduced Processlab, an analyser that is installed directly at the process line.

The analyser determines parameters of texturing baths such as content of the various acids as well as alkaline components fully autonomously.

All that is required is taking a sample and selecting the parameters to be determined.

Processlab enables precise monitoring of relevant bath components, allowing the production process to be run efficiently.

Consumption of chemicals is reduced while throughput is increased, resulting in higher yields and lower running costs.

Processlab is customised to the specific requirements of the process and can be integrated into any existing production.

A touch-control interface is included and analytical results are saved in a database and immediately accessible using graphical process charts.

Trends in the production process can be followed almost in real time and no time is lost if preventive action needs to be taken.

Processlab is suitable for analysis of acid mixtures like HF, HNO3 and H2SO4; control of treatment baths containing H2O2 and KOH; full analysis of alkaline and acidic texturing baths; pH and conductivity measurements in all process baths; determination of complexing agents such as NTA or EDTA.

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