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Advanced Test Equipment Rentals has announced the availability of the Tektronix NetTek YBA250 BTS antenna and transmission line analyser for fast and easy identification of transmission line faults.

The Tektronix NetTek is a portable BTS field tool.

The YBA250 test module tailors this system for fast identification of base station antenna and transmission line trouble, and easy location of those faults.

This test module is available in a rugged and easy-to-use package, suitable for all field environments.

The YBA250 antenna test module allows one to quickly analyse the system using either Return Loss or VSWR.

Comparisons against initial conformance tests enable users to easily identify degradation in system performance.

Viewing the response versus channel tables for various standards provides easier interpretation of how the problem may be affecting performance.

System performance can also be analysed in terms of insertion loss, which can be measured using the Cable Loss feature.

The NetTek BTS field tool helps to locate antenna and transmission line faults quickly and easily.

Using the Distance-to-Fault (DTF) capability, users are able to identify problem areas and their location.

The YBA250’s interface provides access to multiple cable types and easier setup of DTF parameters for faster troubleshooting.

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