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Sunshine Minting, a supplier of precious-metal and base-metal mint products, has chosen to use the EC913 process oxygen analyser from Systech Illinois.

The EC913 is being used to monitor the oxygen in the heat treating/annealing furnace atmosphere.

Concentrations as low as 1,000ppm can cause the oxidation of certain metals at high temperatures, which can lead to cosmetic flaws, pitting or dull surface finishes.

After installing the EC913, operators no longer have to guess the oxygen concentration and waste expensive nitrogen to displace it.

The EC913 monitors any oxygen intrusion and any leaks can be blocked or plugged.

This controlled process limits waste and increases the efficiency of the minting operation.

Sean Moffat of Sunshine Minting said: ‘The Systech Illinois oxygen sensor has worked great and found two separate points of oxygen intrusion in the Hayes furnace as well as proving to the annealing supervisors and operators that certain procedures were introducing oxygen into all the furnaces.

‘Installing the EC913 has resulted in savings of 800 cubic feet per hour of nitrogen on the Hayes alone,’ he added.

Systech Illinois

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