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AGC Instruments’ newly designed Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyser is designed to continuously measure and monitor ppm/ppb concentrations of hydrocarbons in a gas stream.

This gas analyser is based on the Flame Ionisation Detector (FID) platform and has an interactive touch-screen display where all controls and results are easily brought to the operator’s attention.

A heated version is also available for those samples where temperature must remain elevated.

Target markets include air separation units, industrial gas production sites and the petrochemical and refinery markets.

A range of detection down to less than 30ppb is achievable with an ‘Autoranging’ function.

Other features include standard 4-20mA outputs with alarm contacts and data logging over RS 232.

The results can be read direct on the display or transmitted to the control room or the DCS.

Also new to this model is the validation of all results.

AGC Instruments

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