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Analytical Technology has announced that it has been awarded an Mcerts product-conformity certificate for its Q45P pH monitor.

Mcerts is the UK Environment Agency’s monitoring certification scheme established to deliver quality environmental measurements.

Analytical Technology’s Q45P Auto-Clean pH monitor is designed for use in all industrial and municipal applications.

The differential pH sensors use a sealed glass reference system that provides protection from chemical poisons that destroy traditional pH sensors.

A large electrolyte volume, dual-junction saltbridge is used to maximise the in-service time of the sensors and minimise contamination of the reference solution.

The replaceable saltbridge also allows for easy and inexpensive sensor regeneration.

The integrated Auto-Clean System extends sensor cleaning intervals on pH sensors that are mounted in applications containing high levels of solids contamination.

Generating high-pressure air blasts, the Auto-Clean System automatically removes contaminants from the face of the sensors.

Each cleaning cycle lasts approximately two minutes, during which the monitor outputs are placed in a ‘hold’ condition to prevent false readings or alarms.

The concentration of solids in the process determines the cleaning frequency of the system, which can vary from as often as once every two hours to as little as once a day on an application basis.

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