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Anapico has released the APSIN6000, a lightweight (

With its fast transient switching speed the APSIN6000 is a suitable signal source for RF applications requiring frequency agility, including data intensive applications.

It offers a high output power, low phase noise and good harmonic suppression.

An output power of above 18dBm eliminates the need for external amplification.

Phase noise as low as -124dBc/Hz at 1GHz and 20kHz offset enables the verification of tough spectral purity requirements.

Power level accuracy and flatness over frequency is improved with a dedicated automatic level control (ALC) that allows 0.1dB level resolution.

The high-performance pulse modulation includes an internal pulse generator and is capable of programmable pattern bursts, with pulse widths as narrow as 50ns and rise/fall time below 10ns.

List sweeps with individual settings of dwell and off times, plus enhanced trigger capabilities allow complex sequences to be executed.

Optionally, the APSIN6000 can be equipped with internal rechargeable batteries, giving the unit portable capability.

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