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Anca Grinders is offering two iGrind software packages: iPunch software for the grinding of standard convex punches and Key Hole Punch (KHP) software, written for the grinding of concave profiles.

The two applications complement each other and can be integrated within iGrind, offering users complete flexibility in all punch-grinding applications.

Particularly suited for use on Anca’s TX7+ machine, iPunch opens up new opportunities for customers in areas such as turret press punch tools, in addition to the periphery grinding of inserts.

iPunch software offers a fast, simple solution to the production of any type of punch tool on a tool and cutter grinder.

Punch geometry can be specified using one of the 38 library templates (similar to those used on PGX), imported via a DXF or drawn using the software’s inbuilt 2D editor.

The final tool geometry is defined by the number of physical steps on the tool, which may include any of the following: punch form, necking section, cylindrical section and peel-grinding profile.

The flexible software allows full control over each operation sequence, including roughing, finishing, sparkout and oscillation.

Anca’s software handles multiple steps by calculating the amount of material already removed by the previous operation.

By spiralling in from the initial shape to the final shape, iPunch ensures that the grinding wheel always remains in contact with the part.

Reversal marks are eliminated during finishing and sparkouts through an increase in axis control, while different back tapers are easily produced by using the C axis to pivot the wheel position.

Key Hole Punch (KHP) geometry can be specified using one of the software’s library’s 24 templates or imported via a DXF.

Anca’s KHP software allows full control over each operation sequence for slice roughing, profile finishing, formed wheel grind and form generation by oscillation.

For programming concave punches, Anca KHP software has the ability to grind tools to any customised shape.

The tool-roughing operation is performed by using either a standard sharp-edge wheel or via a formed wheel.

Finish grinding is carried out with form wheels, dressed on the machine using Anca’s dressing software or, when using standard shaped wheels, forms can be generated with oscillation grinding.

By combining iPunch and KHP cycles, one machine can now cover the complete grinding needs for all types of convex and concave punch forms.

Anca’s automatic wheel-changing capability allows different wheels – conventional or super-abrasive – to be used for different operations.

Smaller wheels and wheel packs are said to be quick and easy to change compared to the large wheels of a typical punch grinder, while reduced wheel diameters make the use of super-abrasives economically viable.

Anca has also launched a range of accessories specifically developed for punch-grinding applications, which support single point and rotary dressers for all types of dressing requirements.

Optimised coolant delivery can be achieved with the use of a coherent flow nozzles and coolant throttle, for high-flow roughing and low-flow sparkout.

A variety of tool-holding options can also be supplied.

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