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Anders Electronics, a specialist in electronic device display experience optimisation, has announced the availability of its newest 3.5in (8.9cm) QVGA TFT displays.

Specially designed for high-end industrial and medical devices, the Anders 3.5in QVGA TFTs are claimed to offer excellent optical specifications, a three- to five-year guaranteed availability and an onboard LCD controller for the portrait model that lowers design complexity and speeds time to market.

The QVGA displays are offered in either portrait or landscape orientation – an option, especially in industrial-grade displays, where landscape has become the standard.

Both models include an integral white light-emitting-diode (LED) backlight and can be used in pin-selectable parallel RGB mode or serial/parallel MCU mode, with no external LCD controller required for MCU mode in the portrait model.

In the case of the landscape, RGB I/F model, an SPI interface is provided to allow access to the display’s internal control registers where required.

The amorphous silicon-based TFT displays have been developed for use within an extended -30C to +85C temperature range and are thin and lightweight, making them suitable for a variety of demanding industrial and medical applications, such as industrial control and automation and medical diagnostic devices.

At the same time, the displays offer high colour saturation, high brightness (450cd/m2 for portrait model, 500cd/m2 for the landscape model), high contrast (portrait 400:1, landscape 500:1), 262K colours and ultra-wide viewing angles of 150 degrees, left to right.

Adding further value to the 3.5in QVGA TFTs, the company is also offering a range of display enhancements, including EMI filters (low Ohm ITO coating for EMI suppression and mesh filters), filters for light optics and a variety of finishes, polarises, retarders, EMI Windows, Broad Band PET and anti-reflective and light control filters for privacy.

Anders offers optically bonded protective glass windows for all TFTs, ideal for rugged industrial applications.

Anders Electronics

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